Top 5 Educational Attractions in Oceanside

“Back to school” looked very different for most students this year. A lot of kids are learning from home and if they are attending school in person, most extracurriculars and field trips have been cut or postponed. So you may be looking at how to add a little more hands-on and in-person educational experiences to […]

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Free Things For Kids In San Diego During October

Did you know that every October the city of San Diego and surrounding areas offer up free attractions for kids throughout the month?? San Diego has always been one of the best spots for a family vacation, but the month of October brings an additional incentive for parents.  For the whole month, more than 100 […]

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Why Vacation Rentals Are a Better Choice Than Hotels

When it comes to taking a family vacation, there are many decisions to make. Where to go? How you to get there? What to do or see? Where to eat or shop? After settling the big question of “where to go” the next question is usually always, “where should we stay?” In this article, we’ll […]

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