Love is in the air and you’ve decided to take a romantic getaway to the beach. We all know it doesn’t take much to bring the feeling of romance when the person is right but if your looking for some specific activities to get those romantic feelings going, we have you covered with the best activities for a romantic vacation in Oceanside CA.

Top 5 Romantic Activities for Couples in Oceanside, CA

1. Walk on the Beach

This romantic activity is a classic and no beach getaway would be complete without it. This one is also great to add in at any time, but bonus points if you add in some spontaneity and an extra romantic boost by grabbing your partner before you’ve even unpacked your bags and take them down to the beach for a romantic walk along the waves. Noticing how your toes feel in the sand and how your hand feels in theirs at the same time is bound to get those romantic vibes going.

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2. Whale/Dolphin Watching Cruise

First of all, an ocean cruise on a new 50-foot catamaran, by itself is beyond romantic. But imagine as you’re sailing along, splashing through the waves of the ocean you see hundreds of dolphins swimming alongside you. Something about this natural phenomenon feels completely surreal and unearthly and puts you in another world.

Did you know, it’s typical for Gray whales to travel south to warmer Mexican waters during the winter where they will have their babies? They also start heading back to Alaskan waters in February, so if you go whale watching this month, you may catch whales going in both directions!

Oceanside Advendtures at Oceanside Harbor

3. Downtown Scooter Tour

The ocean is not the only place for activities to have a romantic vacation in Oceanside. Downtown Oceanside has its own quirks and uniqueness that make it fun to explore and it’s even more fun and romantic when you’re exploring together on fat tire electric scooters from Ride Oside. You can have racing competitions, or for an extra romantic twist just rent one and curl up with your partner and explore tandem.

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4. Wine Tasting

Wine has always been a staple for romantic activities so why not have an entire activity centered around wine?

Coomber Craft Wines is the perfect spot for you and your significant other to stop in and indulge. They offer a variety of different tastings, with both Red, White, and even mixed menus. On top of that, the whole tasting room sets you in a relaxed and romantic mood with a super chill atmosphere with a beautiful patio out back and live music. Enjoy the twinkly lights in the evening both on the patio and in your lover’s eyes, especially after a few glasses of wine.

5. Watch the Sunset

You may be thinking, well duh, this one is a no brainer. But how often to we get going in our lives, even vacations, where we are trying to pack so much in and plan out every detail to make the most of things that we forget to take the time to enjoy the little things, like watching a sunset. So while in Oceanside, enjoy a romantic evening watching the sun go down, whether it’s on the beach, from the pier, in the harbor, or simply from your condo balcony, make sure you take the time to enjoy this simple, yet or so romantic and beautiful activity.