The beach, ocean, vacation, etc. are all pretty synonymous with summer. But whose to say that a winter beach vacation can’t be just as fulfilling?

5 Reasons You Should Take a Winter Vacation to the Beach

1. You’ll Get More Exercise

During the winter we become stagnant in a lot of ways. The moment the temperature freezes so do we. We tend to spend much more time on the couch or in bed than we did in the previous months and as a result, our bodies are not getting the exercise they need. We feel sluggish and slow, and even menial tasks can be difficult when we feel this way.

However, just being at the beach and near the ocean makes a person want to go outside more. It’s hard to resist taking a walk or going for a run when it consists of sand between your toes and fresh ocean air.

2. Warmer Weather Makes You Feel Better

It’s not exactly surprising that warm weather has positive effects on the mind, body, and soul. Most people admit that they feel better on sunny days. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that people who spent at least 30 minutes outside in pleasant weather had happier moods. Another round of studies  showed that people assigned to be outdoors during warm, sunny days exhibited much more positive mindsets than their counterparts.

So with all this science being presented, there’s no longer any excuse. Don’t let low temperatures at home get you down. Lucky for you Oceanside, CA stays on average 70 degrees year-round.

Happy mom and baby at the beach

3. You Can Still Do All Your Favorite Winter Activities and More

A lot of people don’t mind spending the winter months in a colder climate because they love the activities that come with the cold. However, I challenge you to find a family winter activity you can’t do while also at the beach. Want to go (water)skiing or build a snowman? We got you. You even have the ability to relax in front of a fire in your condo! Plus so much more that Oceanside has to offer!

Beach snowman

4. Few Things Beat A Winter Sunset

That’s right, I said what I said and I stand by it. Winter sunsets are some of the best sunsets you will ever experience. Now I understand that most people would say that any sunset at the beach is beautiful. Now that statement is true and we agree. However, as it turns out, sunsets are, in fact, better during the colder months of the year, according to NOAA meteorologist Stephen Corfidi. Corfidi says peak sunset season is November through February. You won’t want to miss the spectacular colors that look as if they’ve been handpicked out of a Crayola box of crayons.

5. Start The Year Off Right

The holidays are over and you’re feeling spent. But it’s a new year and you want to start the year off right, so what do you do? Truly, the best way is to spend it is relaxing and recharging at the beach. You can’t take on the world and implement new things into your life when your mind and body are overworked and drained. So take a step back before you take a leap forward. That way, no matter where the new year takes you, you’ll remember that you started it at the beach.

Sunrise at North Coast Village
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