Eight free and unique things to do at the beach blog post by On-The-Sand

A day at the beach doesn’t have to be your same old swimming and suntanning, although those are all always options of course. It also doesn’t have to break the bank by renting or buying new equipment to enjoy at the beach. Spice up your beach day with this list of 8 unique and FREE things to do at the beach with your family.

1. Build Sand Sculptures

Sand Castles are a beach classic and are a great fun activity for kids at the beach. But, if your kids have a “been there, done that” attitude, introducing them to sand sculptures might be the perfect refresh this classic needs for them. The possibilities are endless from creatures to landmarks to whatever their imagination can create. Think of it as nature’s playdoh. You can even add your own bodies to the mix and give your family members the mermaid or shark tail they’ve always dreamed of.

Sand Scuplture making on Oceanside Beach.

2. Look for dolphins

Oceanside beach is known for its impressive sea wildlife and dolphins are constantly spotted among the waves. Make it a point to spend some time dolphin gazing while at the beach. You won’t be disappointed when you catch them swimming along in front of you.

Common dolphins sited in Oceanside, CA

3. Go Crab Hunting

Another activity that involves Oceanside beach wildlife that provides more of an active interaction is crab hunting. This is a great evening activity to do just after the sun goes down and is a fun activity for all ages. It’s simple and easy, but Sand crabs are pretty fast, so you’ll have to move quickly. All you need is a shovel, bucket, and flashlight. One of our favorite places we’ve found for this sport on Oceanside Beach is on the Northside of North Coast Village around the Jettys. Once your crab hunting adventure is over, be sure to release them back to the water.

Crab hunting on Oceanside Beach

4. Boogie Boarding

Now, this activity does require a bit of special equipment, but the good news is, if you are staying in one of our condos at North Coast Village we supply boogie boards for your use during your stay for free included with your rental! Boogie Boarding or Body Boarding is an in the water activity that will make you feel like an ocean athlete.  Simply wade out into the waves and wait facing the shore for a big one to come towards you. Just before it breaks, put your chest on the board and start to paddle to the beach, soon you’ll feel a large push from the wave behind you that will send you sailing into the shore.  Be patient with yourself as not every wave is a winner and it can be hard to judge them accordingly but you’ll know when you get that exhilarating feeling of gliding with the waves.

Boogie boarding in Oceanside, CA

5. Beach Combing

Most people do this very passively any time they are on a beach. They may be walking by and see an interesting shell or rock and pick it up. But the real fun comes when you are actively searching. You never know what you may find when you are purposefully looking so make an activity out of it. Collect unique rocks, seas shells, sea glass, sand dollars, etc. Make a challenge to see who can find the most interesting piece or most of one of a kind. Once the collecting is over, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. You can take the pieces back to the condo and look them up online to learn more about the different types of shells you’ve collected or put them together in an art piece or keepsake.

Beach combing in Oceanside, CA

6. Workout/Yoga

Even if you don’t do it regularly at home, there’s something special about working out on the beach. And if getting a major sweat on is not your idea of an ideal beach activity, Yoga is a terrific low impact option where you can engage your body but still feel relaxed and at peace and enjoy some perfect Zen moments listening to the waves crash as you move through different poses.

Yogo outside North Coast Village on Oceanside Beach.
Yoga outside North Coast Village

7. Have a bonfire

A bonfire on the beach is a quintessential summer activity that not enough people participate in but you can make it part of your beach days this year. On Oceanside beach, you may only make a fire in the firepits provided but there are plenty on the Northside of the complex for you to camp out at. Roast some hot dogs or marshmallows and enjoy the ocean waves

Roasting hot dogs on Oceanside Beach

8. Watch the Sunset

Sometimes at the end of the day, we are so busy thinking about how tired we are, what’s next in our plan, packing up, etc that we forget to enjoy those last moments that can really make the day special and extraordinary. Few things are better than laying back and just admiring the beauty of nature with the people you love.

Watching the sunset

The simplest way, to sum up, is just to say that going to the beach is going to be fun, no matter what you end up doing. So relax, stick your toes in the sand, watch the waves, and know that there are plenty of things and activities to enjoy.

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