On The Sand Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

When it comes to taking a family vacation, there are many decisions to make. Where to go? How you to get there? What to do or see? Where to eat or shop? After settling the big question of “where to go” the next question is usually always, “where should we stay?” In this article, we’ll point out why we think vacation rentals are a better choice than hotels.

When you think about booking a place to stay for a vacation, it is understandable that a hotel is usually first to come to mind. They are everywhere, generally large, tall buildings, owned by major corporations, and for the longest time were your only option.

But what does a hotel offer aside from a bed in a room? There may be some amenities such as a pool, continental breakfast, or an exercise room. But what about having these amenities and feeling comfortable, safe, and at home? What about space for everyone to stretch out and have privacy? What about extra costs and saving money?

With these questions in mind, we’ll show you that vacation rentals are the superior place to stay for any group. From small families looking for a safe, fun adventure, to friends getting away for Spring Break, all the way up to extended family reunions wanting to have a great time making memories on vacation together.

Your Home Away from Home

As Dorothy once said, “There’s no place like home”.  Although that may be true, why not try and find a home away from home to vacation in.

One of the best reasons to book a vacation rental is that it comes with all the things you would have at your home. A vacation rental comes with a full-size kitchen fully stocked with everything you need to cook and prepare meals, full-sized appliances such as a dishwasher to help you clean up, and a standard-sized fridge to store all your delicious food. Not to mention, access to your favorite coffee at a moment’s notice, high-speed Wi-Fi, cable, extra linens, games, toys, and much more to really allow you to relax and feel at home.

Ocean Front Cottage Remodeled kitchen for vacation rental in Oceanside California
Full-sized kitchen in every unit stocked with all your cooking needs — D31 – Hunters Hideaway

Hotels may be able to provide some of these comforts, but most hotels are run by major corporations with large staffs. Therefore, hotels have to charge for nearly everything, including things like Wi-Fi, cable, parking, etc. Most vacation rentals come stocked with everything you need at no additional cost.

More Cost-Effective

When vacationing with family or friends, costs can add up quickly. Factor in the cost of dining out for 3 meals a day and having to book two (or more) rooms to accommodate everyone, and you can blow most of your budget before you even get going. That is why a vacation rental is a much better value than a hotel.

Sure, dining out is still fun and we recommended it in moderation. But having a place to create home-cooked meals for at least a portion of your meals can save you hundreds of dollars. This also gives a reason to visit a local farmers market or festival where you can purchase local products and support the economy.

Also, guests can expect to pay up to 50% less per square foot than an average hotel room when they book a vacation rental. Plus, staying in a vacation rental that can hold more people allows you to split the cost between your family and friends, overall a much cheaper alternative than nightly rates for multiple rooms at a hotel.

When the whole group stays under one roof and cooks’ meals together, it is much easier to afford the kinds of adventures that make vacations unforgettable. The savings gained by staying in a vacation rental allows guests to do other things such as a whale watching tour, ocean helicopter ride, or surf lessons.

Surf Lessons in Oceanside California on Oceanside Beach with North County Surf Academy
Surf Lessons for the whole family with North County Surf Academy

More Space

Have you ever tried to cram a family of 4 in a hotel room? What about more? With only 325 square feet to share on average, a hotel room can soon feel like the inside of a clown car or sardine can. With a vacation rental, you will have plenty of space to really stretch out in style.

Forget about kids bickering about who gets what side of the bed and what to watch on the only TV in the hotel room. In a vacation rental, you’ll have plenty of beds and sleeping space to accommodate your whole party and multiple TVs to entertain. Not to mention the other entertainment options we mentioned before that come with a vacation home such as games, books, and toys.

Your vacation can be much more stress-free in a vacation rental where you can enjoy time together in comfortable spaces such as a living room, patio or balcony, or around a dining table but be able to retreat to your own space when you need some privacy.

Overall a vacation rental means more space to rest and relax after exploring the local area and a great space to spend time while you stay in.

North Coast Village Oceanside California Vacation Rental G222 Living Room
Large Living areas to relax in during your stay — G222 – Paradise Found

Pick the options that are right for you.

From what to eat, to what to wear, to what to do in our everyday lives, everybody appreciates options and that is exactly what you get when you book a vacation rental instead of a hotel room.

When booking a hotel room, guests do not usually get to pick the location, and bed configurations are limited at best. Just because a hotel room says it can accommodate “a family of four” does not mean that it will accommodate YOUR family of four.

Vacation rentals allow guests to select the perfect option for them and their group. From cost, to location, to bed configurations, extra amenities, and more. Want an ocean view but have 3 kids that need their own beds? Need no stair/elevator access for grandma and grandpa? Group of friends looking to save money but still have good beach access and a pool? Whatever the case may be, there is a vacation rental that can fit your needs, unlike the cookie-cutter mold of a hotel room.

North Coast Village D19 2 bedroom oceanfront condo
Queen/Twin Bunk Bed with a twin trundle pull out means 3-4 kids can share one room while each sleeping in a bed. — D19 – Beach Front Bliss

Have you ever stayed in a vacation rental before? What other benefits did you find staying there rather than a hotel? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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